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About Genata UK

Genata UK is designed with the customer in mind from the ground up. We apply our engineering know-how to real life contexts bringing to market, superior

motor vehicles that deliver on: Durability, Affordability, and Practicality.


Having the internal strength to last. The strength at the core of our culture translates into a commitment to professional craftsmanship, products that 
outlast, and a company that performs and competes for the long haul. Our expanding dealer network is thoroughly checked and monitored to ensure that
all vehicles are maintained to the highest standards while offering great after-sale service for years to come.


Price, without compromise is our main aim while designing every vehicle whether it be Sports, Off road tourer or even a 50cc city scooter. Our range is 
designed to help cut the cost of daily running expenses while maintaining the high quality standard needed to perform its duty for many years to come. 
Genata UK is aimed at small capacity vehicles offering great performance at a fraction of the running costs involved in many peoples daily lives.


Our ever expanding dealer network is their to assist you throughout your ownership. From sales to servicing, even parts backup every dealer will have 
you covered from day one. Genata UK provide an excellent parts supply backed up by a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty on all Genata UK models it is our

ambition to further develop and enhance the Genata brand, providing extensive availability throughout the UK. With new ideas and models appearing 
throughout the coming years we design everything with the customer in mind to keep you enjoying every moment.

Our Philosophy

Genata UK imports from all over the world with most products sourced from china under strict quality control procedures. Every vehicle supplied is thoroughly checked over before being finally passed and shipped to our UK based warehouse in Staffordshire. They are then rechecked before being dispatched to you local Genata dealership ready for them to PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection), Road test and final check before being handed over to customers. 

Quality and having UK based parts backup is our main priority for pushing Genata UK forward. We are here to change your opinion on Chinese manufactured vehicles and prove just how much we care about our customers from the beginning to the future.

Dealer Network

We actively encourage our dealers to make themselves known to the world on a multi platform basis while also delivering the best possible service to the customer.

All our dealers are fully vetted before hand for quality and sustainability to be able to deliver on our main philosophy Durability, Affordability, and Practicality. Any dealership that falls short of these terms is not representing the brand as we see it. With this and many other guidelines in place we strive to set ourselves above the rest and help further develop our connection to the customer for many years to come.

Our dealer network has been designed to cover every aspect of your journey from giving expert advise on the model or package that is right for you. Making sure the whole transaction is smooth and pleasant from purchase to handover. Backing you up if things go wrong and providing the best advise to make your journey and many more to come an enjoyable one.