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Please be advised these Questions & Answers are for general guidance and will not replace the vast knowledge you will only get by visiting your local Genata UK Dealership.


No you must contact an authorised Genata UK Dealership within your area, by using the dealer tab located on the top right hand corner of this website. Alternativley Click Here

Please fill out a dealer application form located bottom right of this web page. Alternatively click here

Parts can be ordered through your local Genata UK dealership as they can advise you further with hints and tips or even lend a hand on more technical jobs. 

Yes we can! If you manage to find a local dealer who is willing to become part of the Genata network we can help even further by offering up to £80 towards your first service as a good will gesture for helping out our Brand.

We currently recommend a variety of Insurance companies to help you get the best possible price. Click here to find out more

If this ever occurs please contact us direct and we will do our very best to get your chosen model to that dealer ASAP.

Genata Uk operate a warranty service direct with the supplying dealership only. If your dealer warranty terms state parts and labor, you should not be charged anything. Please consult with your local dealer for exact coverage. 

Their are many manufactures in china and even all over the world which produce poor quality products. At Genata UK we have strict quality control methods and testing procedures in place to make sure we only supply quality products. This is our main goal now and forever.

Minimum requirement by law is a UK safety rated helmet but we do advise wearing protective clothing i.e. Armor Jacket, Waterproof Trousers and Gloves for when things go typical Britian.  

The warranty you get with your vehicle may vary from dealer to dealer, so it is best to ask them what cover they provide. Healthy maintenance of your vehicle is essential to keep your warranty valid, as most warranties exclude any parts/products that are not serviced, maintained, used or stored in accordance with the recommended procedures, good user practice or common sense.

The license structure is very complex but we have managed to simplify it down for you on our Getting Started page.  

We currently supply a wide range of R&G products for our range, all of which will not effect your warranty if fitted by an authorised dealership. Engine modifications or electrical changes not carried out by you local Genata Dealership will void your warranty.

Your supplying dealership will take care of everything for you. From the PDI, Road test, Final check even demonstrating the controls and general maintenance of the vehicle. But if you wish to brush up on general maintenance yourself Click Here

No your supplying dealership will take care of the whole process from start to finish making sure your focus is on what colour helmet will match your favorite bike.