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Warranty Terms

This information is designed to provide you, the owner with the necessary information required to maintain your new vehicle safely and correctly.

Your vehicle is manufactured to the highest standard along with being assembled and inspected by one of our approved national dealers. However should there be any obvious manufacturing defect/s with the vehicle all use must cease until your approved dealer has rectified the problem without any charge to yourself.

Please note that for your warranty to remain valid, you must adhere to the servicing and maintenance schedule that is contained within your service booklet including the terms and conditions set out by your supplying dealership.

User manuals are provided for your convenience, we therefore ask you to familiarise yourself with every aspect of your new Vehicle prior to riding. We hope you enjoy your purchase. 

Genata UK Stock almost 99% of parts all year round, available to be dispatched the same day of purchase direct to your door. Dealer warranty claims are now processed online to reduce waiting time and get you back on the road ASAP.

Our new parts store now holds over 200,000 items of stock with a further online system being developed for you to browse and order your accessories day and night.

performance equipment is now available to view and order direct from your local Genata UK dealer.

Genata Warranty Terms

Your warranty is provided by your dealer for 24 months from date of purchase. The dealers terms and conditions are available to view before your purchase, it is usually subject to the following exclusions.

  • Any parts or components that are subject to everyday wear and tear which include but are not limited to the following: tyres, tubes, spark plugs, filters, cables, lights, bulbs, mirrors, batteries, chains, belts, bearings, fairings, air cleaner elements, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch discs, levers, sprockets, fuses, motor brushes, rubber parts.
  • Any vehicle used for Hire or reward, recreational sporting events at any level.
  • Any parts or components that are not serviced, maintained, used or stored in accordance with the recommended procedures, good trade practise or common sense.
  • Any vehicle that exceeds 10,000 miles/year or 6000 miles in the first 6 months due to the running in period, has been resold or registered to another user, sold to or used by a business. or exceeds services by more than 10% of mileage.
  • Any indirect costs that may occur due to the vehicle being out of service, which include but are not limited to: communication (phone calls, letters, etc.), alternative transport, vehicle breakdown collection/delivery, etc. Unless otherwise agreed and confirmed by your dealer in advance in writing.
  • Any vehicle that has been serviced, repaired or modified by a person other than your dealer.
  • Any vehicle that has been tuned, modified, fitted with parts or components that are:
  1. Not supplied by your dealer or Genata UK
  2. Incompatible with the vehicle
  3. Performance or non-standard after-market parts.

Feedback, Reviews & Improvements

Feedback and experience is very important to us. It allows future users to have an enjoyable and safe experience for years to come. With your help we can ensure our products meet the users expectations and develop for the better.